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Schuler Productions

Keyboards & Modules:  
Korg N1 88 Note Performance Synthesizer
Korg X3 Music Workstation
Korg MS2000R 4 Voice Analog Modeling Synthesizer
Yamaha DX27S Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer
Alesis DM PRO 20-Bit 64 Voice Expandable Drum Module
Roland AX-1 Keyboard Controller

MOTU Digital Performer 2.7.1 MIDI Sequencer and Digital Audio Recording Software
Mackie CFX-16 16 Channel Mic/Line Mixer w/Digital Effects
Behringer EuroRack MX602A 6 Channel Mixer
MOTU Freestyle LE MIDI Sequencing and Notation Software
MOTU 24i/o 24 Input/24 Output Digital Recording Core
MOTU 24i 24 Input Digital Recording Core
Macintosh G4 450Mhz/1.25GB Computer
Macintosh G4 Dual 1.25Mhz/2GB Computer w/ Superdrive
MOTU PCI-424 AudioCore
Event 20/20p Powered Studio Monitors
Tascam CDR-624M CD Burner - TEAC
MOTU Fastlane USB MIDI Interface
(2)Midiman Audio Buddy Dual Mic Preamp/Direct Box
Audio-Technica ATH-M40fs Studio Monitor Headphones
(4)AKG K-240M Studio Monitor Headphones
Crate SM5-HP Studio Module Five Channel Headphone Amplifier
MOTU Midi Express XT 8 in/8 out USB MIDI Interface
Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner with Lights
Behringer Powerplay Pro HA4600 Multi-Purpose Headphone Amplifier System

(5)Shure SM-57 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
Shure AXS-3 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
(4)Oktava MK-012 Cardioid Condenser Microphone w/-10db capsule
Rode NT-2 Condenser Microphone
(2)RODE NT5 (Matched Pair) Condenser Microphone
Electro-Voice RE-20

Dynamic Cardiod Microphone

Shure Beta 52A

Supercardiod Dynamic Instrument Microphone

Other Instruments:  
Fender Squire P-Bass Bass Guitar
Pearl M513P-114 3x13 MPL Piccolo Snare Drum
Sabian Phil's Choice 21" Hand Hammered Raw-Bell Dry Ride Cymbal
Latin Percussion Bongos
(3) Cosmic Percussion Shaker Egg (various tones)
(2) Latin Percussion Shaker Egg (one plastic/one wood)
Rhythm Tech RT1030 Tambourine
Rhythm Tech RT7402 Double Hat Trick Tambourine
Rhythm Tech RT 5" Studio Shaker
Toca 8" Shaker
Peavey TKO 80 Keyboard/Bass Amplifier

Schuler Productions Studio is wired with Monster Cables