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Tracking, editing & mixing is $40 per hour (including engineer).

Block Rates:

Block rates start at two days. A block is 8 solid hours. Prices do not include production fees and/or archive fees.

Two day block:
Save $80
Three day block:
Save $120
Four day block:
Save $160
Five day block:
Save $200

Booking Studio Time: A deposit of at least 50% is required in advance to hold your studio time for each day booked at Schuler Productions. Studio time is booked on a first come, first serve basis. You are not booked until a deposit is received. This deposit will be based on the total number of hours booked for your project. All deposits are credited towards your final payment. Deposits are non-refundable should you choose to cancel or don't show up on the day of your scheduled recording session.

Additional media costs: CD-R's are $5 each and DVD-Rs are $10 each